BIROSAFE is an engineering company founded in 2001 and is in the business of manufacturing, sales and mounting of security, fireproof and bank equipment.

We produce and offer different type of security equipment: safes, cabinets, deposit safes, weapon safes, cash transfer safes, vault and vault doors, security doors etc. and also fire proof equipment: safes, cabinets, doors etc.
BIROSAFE offer safes and strongroom doors that are ECBS certified to EN 1143-1 (grade II, III, IV).

We also offer burglar resistant doors certified according to EN 1627 class 2.
Our products usually are made by standard dimensions, but also there is a possibility for making products by client wish.

BIROSAFE has offices and dealers in all of the Balkan countries and is present on the markets of former Yugoslav republics territories(Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia), Albania, Bulgaria...

We also have our own service team, which is specially trained for removing of emerged defects and solving of any kind of issues connected with the functionality of our products, whether the warranty is active or not.

Goce Delchev Str. 121
2400 Strumica
North Macedonia

Tel.: +389 34 330 290
Fax: +389 34 330 291
Type of member:
Manufacturer, Service provider, Certificate holder

Range of products:
Burglary Resistance Products
Fire Resistance Products
Burglar Resistant Construction Products

BSIV-P 150

Note: In addition: Burglary resistance EN 1143-1 Resistance grade IV
Height: 1010 mm
Width: 550 mm
Depth: 521 mm
Weight: 506 kg
Product category (standard): light fire storage units (EN 15659)
Product specification LFS 30 P
Range of products: Fire Resistance Products

This product has no insurance limits to display.