Photo 236 Which safe is suitable for me? Security and safety requirements are always individual, which makes them difficult to be captured online.

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Safes on the Internet – Caution when Comparing

In the search for favorable safes, many private individuals rely on the internet

Frankfurt/M. – April 2017. With the constantly increasing number of domestic burglaries in Europe, the human’s need to store his valuables even more securely increases as well. In most cases, the first search for more security leads the layman to the internet. Comparison portals and online retailers promise favorable prices, transparency and neutrality in their valuations – even for products in the physical security sector. But not every test rating is in fact confirmed by experts.

It seems logical: Safe comparison portals on the internet can save private users the unnecessary extra work of comparing manufacturers and prices on different websites or even in different specialist shops. The portals attract with the advertising of neutral ratings and reviews of large mail-order companies, clear presentations of the specific advantages and disadvantages as well as the best price offers. But anyone who does not know the way around the physical security market, will end up at an offer that may only seem appropriate at first sight easily.

"For us as an association it is important that comparison tests which are circulating around the internet, are subject to an objective basis and have the only purpose of being useful to the private user," says Dr. Markus Heering, Managing Director of ESSA. "Safe comparison tests should therefore be carried out by external, neutral and, above all, competent testing institutes - if this is not the case, caution is advised." Many portals can also be accused of fraudulent deception regarding the inconclusive comparison of the safe characteristics. Oftentimes, only superficial characteristics such as size, weight or volume are compared. However, these indications do not give any information about the actual security level of the safe, so that laymen are quickly advised wrongly.

In order to find the appropriate safe for one’s individual safety needs and requirements, comparative portals are not very suitable. Many important criteria, such as the correct anchorage, the need for fire protection as well as insurance related aspects, are not adequately tackled online, in order to provide a genuine and honest purchase recommendation. Therefore, ESSA recommends the ECB•S product locator. The product locator provides an overview of all ECB•S certified security storages of various security levels, resistance grades and quality classes, thereby providing valuable orientation and decision support for private users when purchasing safes. It narrows down the selection of the possibly suitable safes according to the individual needs and requirements and thereby provides the basis for the following price comparison on the internet or at the specialist trade. Interested parties can request the product locator free of charge hereor use the online version.

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As of: 12th April 2017