SECOTA registration has finished

January 2019 - The registration for the “SECOTA comparison test” was open until 15 January 2019. SECOTA will now include seven different bodies from seven different countries. With this large amount of data, a well-founded analysis can be done.   

Every participant will receive 16 test specimens. On which 35 different tests have to be performed on different materials and with different tools. The test will likely be the biggest EN 1143-1 comparison test to date. As reference: the CEA/EUROSAFE comparison test of 1992 included five laboratories from five different countries having three different test specimens each.  

The test is organised in such a way that even at a later point a laboratory can join. The laboratories taking part can be from any country and do not have to be associated with the European Certification Body GmbH. 

SECOTA starts New Year with Comparison Test

December 2018 - SECOTA - Security, Equivalent, Certification, Organization, Testing and Auditing - has set itself the task of making testing and certification in Europe comparable and comprehensible to all communities of interest. Within just a few weeks, the international working group, consisting of 25 participants from 12 countries, has already developed and coordinated the first concepts for holistic comparative tests. 

In the spring of 2019, the first SECOTA comparison test will take place with the six interested test laboratories. Overall, the comparison includes 35 partial tests on specimens of different materials, which are subsequently evaluated by the working group. The test specimens are provided by SECOTA.

More information

Beginning of SECOTA Working Group

November 2018 - On the 19th of October 2018, the first official meeting of SECOTA took place in Frankfurt am Main.  

The working group, made up of international representatives from all sectors of the physical security and insurance industry, has set itself the goal of making laboratories easier to compare in the future - through regular comparative tests. Here, test philosophies and processes should be harmonized, thereby creating a transparent industry platform for the continuous exchange of experience.

Official SECOTA Announcement

June 2018 - After a presentation at the eurosafe meeting in May 2018 the group "SECOTA" was founded. 

The group shall initiate a burglary comparison test, which is open to any laboratory and any certification body and is ECB-Independent. The comparison test shall include all relevant parties, shall be transparent and accessible to the market.

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