ESSA General Assembly

In November 2023 ten presenters will inform our members in four sessions of the newest topics of our industry. The four main sessions are:
    1. Are safes and cabinets only for cash? Statistics and new use cases
    2. Sustainability - from production to recycling secure storage units
    3. Adapting safe locks to the digital world
    4. ISO and burglary standards
Interested? Send us an email to get more information including how attending for you may be possible.

ESSA - The International Security Association.

Leader of the Physical Security Industry.

ESSA e.V. is the leading international association of the physical security industry. The members include manufacturers, distributors, service companies and consultants of the high security industry including safes, data rooms, ATMs, high security locks, vaults, data cabinets, security doors etc.

Reasons for joining ESSA

1. Information from the industry

To not give hints to burglars information on high security products and their industry is rare. ESSA is the best information source for the industry. ESSA gives its members monthly in-depth updates from the industry including new laws, standards, statistics and security events. Knowing changing policies due to constantly new sustainability and security laws is today a must for leading companies.

2. Connection to the industry

ESSA connects all groups of representatives of the security industry dealers, manufacturers, insurance companies, authorities and credit institutions and thus clearly stands out from all other presently existing associations and their concepts. At the for ESSA members free-of-charge yearly security event in November, CEOs from across the globe meet in Frankfurt to inform themselves on current market topics.

3. Technical background on products of the industry

ESSA members receive White Papers, studies and technical backgrounds. This Information is only available to ESSA members. Through this members have a market advantage: members receive information on changing market requirements very early and can therefore re-design their products faster than others.

4. Speaker for the industry

Vis--vis business stakeholders and authorities, ESSA represents the interests of its member companies. ESSA is official liaison of the European Working Group for burglary protection (CEN TC 33/WG 7) and is often contacted by third parties in case information is needed.