Information about the ESSA and European Certification Body

Information about the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) e.V. 

The European Security Systems Association (ESSA) e.V. is the leading association for physical security products providing protection against burglary and fire as well as for high security locks at European and international level. 

ESSA offers the international security industry a global platform for the exchange of experience between users, insurers, public authorities and manufacturers. In addition, the ESSA represents the interests of its members in a wide variety of international committees and publishes press releases on topical security-related subjects on a regular basis. The ESSA observes the market in order to identify market restrictions and takes measures, if and where necessary, in order to help its members to overcome trade barriers.

Furthermore, ESSA supports neutral and independent European Certification Body (ECB) with the aim to strengthen the latter`s transparent certification procedure for physical security products and increase the acceptance of the ECBS certificate in the world market. 

ESSA is recognized the world over and is headquartered in Frankfurt/Main. It has more than 127 members from industry, trade and associations of the security industry. Its members come from 37 countries.

Frankfurt/Main, January 2018

Infomation about the European Certification Body and ECBS certification

Pursuant to its guiding principle "Quality provides Security", European Certification Body (ECB) granting the ECBS certification mark as a neutral and independent certification body guarantees provision of security properties in accordance with the high requirements of the European Standards: e.g., EN 1143-1 for safes, EN 1047-1 for data cabinets, EN 14450 for secure safe cabinets, EN 1300 for high security locks and EN 1627 for burglar resistant doors.

In the type testing, certification and external quality surveillance of secure safe cabinets European Certification Body, for quality reasons, only cooperates with ECB recognized cooperation partners.

As neutral certification body in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065, European Certification Body at present has over 1000 valid ECBS certificates for burglary resistance and fire resistance products as well as high security locks in the global security market. More than 2,2 million ECBS certification marks have been delivered to the certificate holders. As a result, European Certification Body is one of the leading certification services providers for security products in the international security industry. For the ECBS product certifications, European standards are used as a basis.

The ECBS certification mark is offering the user maximum security in investment decisions. For the insurance sector, it constitutes a sure basis for the calculation of risks and the resulting insurance grading. The ECBS certificate of European Certification Body is recognized in the global security market by the major insurance companies. 

Frankfurt/Main, January 2018