Bullet Resistance.

ESSA’s activities in the field of bullet resistant windows, doors, shutters and blinds according to EN 1522 and EN 1523.

EN 1522 specifies the requirements and classification for windows, doors and shutters (blinds, hinged and sliding shutters) when tested according to EN 1523.

The standard may be applied to the use of handguns, rifles and shotguns on the above components, including their frames and panels, for indoor and outdoor use in buildings. Doors are always tested individually and not in conjunction with a window or door in order to provide a bullet resistance class. The European standard does not provide information on the bullet resistance of the connection between the frame and the wall or other parts of the building.

The resistance classes are referred to as FB 1 to FB 7, with FB 1 providing the lowest and FB 7 the highest bullet resistance. If a splitter outlet has occured during the test, the test results are given the suffix "S" (splitter). By contrast, the suffix "NS" indicates no splitter outlet.

For example: FB 1 (S) or FB 1 (NS)