Burglar Resistant Construction Products.

Active in the field of burglar resistant construction products (EN 1627, EN 1628, EN 1629, EN 1630)

The European standard EN 1627 specifies requirements and classification systems for burglar resistant characteristics of burglar resistant doors, windows, curtain walling, grills and shutters.

The type tests on burglar resistant construction products contain:

  • resistance under static loading (EN 1628)
  • resistance under dynamic loading (EN 1629)
  • manual burglary attempts (EN 1630)

The resistance classes RC 1, RC 2 and RC 3 are intended to address the levels of attack normal associated with the casual or opportunist burglar. Resistance classes RC 4, RC 5 and RC 6 are associated with more experienced and professional type burglar.

The type test and certification of mechanical security equipment is based on the DIN 18104-1 and DIN 18104-2.

The ESSA is official CEN Liaison organization for burglar resistant construction products to support the interests of its members in standardization. ESSA particulary supports the "one-stop-testing/one-stop-certification" concept in Europe. Therefore ESSA also has regular contact to manufacturers, institutions and recognised laboratories in several European countries.