Burg-Wächter KG

BURG-WÄCHTER is a leading supplier of high-quality security products. A strong retail presence makes the brand, founded in 1920, well known. Innovative developments, the highest production quality and marketing are key to success of the company with its headquarters in Wetter / Ruhr and production sites in Germany, France, England, Eastern Europe and China. The theme "Home of Security" combines about 3,000 products for professional and private aspects of life: padlocks, letter boxes, cash boxes, door and window locks, safes, measuring tools as well as electronic door locking systems. The brands Santec BW and SECU supplement the range of the Burg-Wächter group by video surveillance systems and high-security locks. In the business world, the security specialist traditionally stands for high quality safes. With its electronic locking systems, it is an innovative and reliable partner for the object business. In 2003, TSE already started the trend for keyless entry. 2014, the manufacturer introduces with SecuEntry a whole new electronic locking system: For the first time it communicates parallel via Bluetooth and RFID and there is also the option to switch to NFC.
It has its own app and can be operated via smart devices.

Burg-Wächter KG
Postfach 1 60
58287 Wetter (Ruhr)
Altenhofer Weg 15
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

Tel.: +49 2335 965 - 30
Fax: +49 2335 965 - 390
Internet: www.burg.biz
Type of member:
Manufacturer, Certificate holder

Range of products:
Burglary Resistance Products
Fire Resistance Products
High Security Locks
Mechanical security equipment

Combi-Line CL 40 S/E

Note: In addition: Burglary resistance EN 14450 Security level S2
Height: 560 mm
Width: 495 mm
Depth: 445 mm
Weight: 77 kg
Product category (standard): light fire storage units (EN 15659)
Product specification LFS 30 P
Range of products: Fire Resistance Products

This product has no insurance limits to display.