Foto 234 From 7th of July 2017, only weapon cabinets conforming to EN 1143-1 are allowed to be puchased.


Amendments on German Weapons Act What you need to know?

The new law on weapons has been in force since the 30th of June 2017. Especially, the owners of long and short firearms are affected by the changes.

Frankfurt/M. July 2017. The amended German Weapons Act entered into force on 30th of June 2017. The comprehensive amendments mainly concern the storage of firearms and ammunition. Products according to the VDMA specification 24992 are now no longer allowed for weapon storage in case of a new purchase. For A and B cabinets which are already in use, however, unrestricted inventory protection applies.

The amendments on the German Weapons Act, especially with regard to storage, are not unexpected. For several years, the ESSA has pointed out that weapon cabinets built according to the VDMA specification 24992 do not correspond to the current state of the art and offer insufficient security.

Storage of firearms

From 7th of July 2017, the purchase of cabinets of levels A and B according to the VDMA specification 24992 is no longer permitted for the storage of firearms subject to authorization. Only weapon cabinets conforming to EN 1143-1 (minimum resistance grade 0 or I) can be purchased. It is also important to ensure that the weapon cabinet has been certified by an accredited body from the European Economic Area, such as the European Certification Body GmbH. 

What happens to the old cabinets

Already purchased A- and B-cabinets benefit from inventory protection. They can continue to be used under certain restrictions. Weapons purchased after the 6th of July 2017 may continue to be stored safely in the cabinets.

If you need detailed information, you can read the relevant legal text here or contact us.

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