Our website comes in a new, more navigable design and offers all interested parties extensive information


New Design for our Homepage

User-friendly interface in responsive design

Frankfurt/M. January 2018. We are pleased to present you our updated homepage under the familiar address Our website comes in a new, more navigable design and offers all interested parties, customers, partners and members extensive information.

The redesigned website will continue to provide information on security products, resistance levels, areas of application, insurance amounts and manufacturers. As before, our focus lays on the simple user interface, which gives you a quick and uncomplicated impression of our entire range of services.

The most important topics are presented on the respective, separate homepages of the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) and the European Certification Body GmbH (ECB). Between the two websites you can now easily switch back and forth via the left header navigation. In the news ticker above the navigation, you will be able to immediately see what the industry is currently up to and which topics are up to date. By clicking on the banner, the desired article opens effortlessly.

Since every area of our homepage offers many facets of its own, we have divided them again for better orientation. Simply hover over the navigation and get an overview of our numerous categories and subtopics.

In addition to a modern design, the adaptation of the content to the needs of our target groups was the main focus of the redesign. Thanks to our new responsive design, the user experience is now also possible on the go on all mobile devices. Above all, the presentation for smartphones and tablet computers is adapted because they require a special arrangement and display of individual elements.

You are welcome to send us suggestions for improvement, we are pleased about praise and criticism and wish you a lot of fun on our new homepage!

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As of: 30 January 2018