Stockinger Safety First Class GmbH

Stockinger is a German manufactory that is well-known for its exclusive Stockinger safes. The manufactory is located in Germany, near Munich, and has been producing unique safes for more than 35 years. All safes are custom-made unique objects, tailored specifically to our customers' wishes and fantasies. Quality control, a first class service and absolute discretion are of utmost importance to us! A Stockinger Safe is more than maximum security and protection – it is about elegantly blending function and form with individuality and security at uncompromising levels of quality for our customers’ most valued belongings.

Highest quality - Made in Germany!

Stockinger Safety First Class GmbH
Eichenstr. 15
82061 Neuried

Tel.: +49 89 75 90 58 28
Fax: +49 89 75 90 58 30
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Burglary Resistance Products

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