De Raat Security Products B.V.

De Raat Security is the leading wholesaler in Europe in the field of fire-resistant cabinets, safes, data safes and other fire- and burglary-resistant products. For nearly fifty years, Safe International products have been distributed via an extensive dealer network, primarily in Europe. De Raat Security has establishments in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Office equipment suppliers, office outfitters, specialist hardware shops, locksmiths and security companies offer our products to private and business end users.

Our mission: De Raat Security aims to have an excellent relationship with its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders by virtue of a high quality of service, a dominant market position in several West-European countries, and a broad range of products with an effective and efficient cost structure.

De Raat Security Products B.V.
Edelgasstraat 5
2718 SX Zoetermeer

Tel.: +31 79 361 52 36
Fax: +31 79 361 52 39
Type of member:
Distributor, Certificate holder

Range of products:
Burglary Resistance Products
Fire Resistance Products

secure safe cabinets (EN 14450)
Name of product (specification)Height
DRS Vector 1K (S2) 330 450385 44
DRS Vector 2K (S2) 450 450385 53
DRS Vector 3K (S2) 600 450385 65
DRS Vector 4K (S2) 810 450385 83
DRS Vector 5K (S2) 900 500450 105
DRS Vector 7K (S2) 700 500450 87
DRS Vector 8K (S2) 900 570490 117

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