MB Safety B.V.

For the last 25 years MB SafetyŽ has been your partner for professional cash and valuables storage. MB SafetyŽ was founded in 1989 and has developed into one of the Netherlands leading specialists in security products. We combine more than 50 years of experience, craftsmanship and quality with an enthousiastic, customer orientated approach to the market.

In addition to our wide range of standard products, MB SafetyŽ has developed into a professional partner that also offers custom solutions to your security and safety problems. We use a project based approach for your specific problem. After a thorough analysis we provide you with a custom solution for your needs.

Throughout our existence MB SafetyŽ has proven itself as a reliable, quality partner for the manufacture and supply of burglary and fire resistant storage solutions.

MB SafetyŽ is the ideal supplier for:

- Safes
- Fire resistant safes
- Security containers
- Gun safes
- Safe locks
- Key management systems
- Security mirrors

MB Safety B.V.
Zernikestraat 12
2991 XS Barendrecht

Tel.: +31 180 555 200
Type of member:
Manufacturer, Distributor, Service provider, Certificate holder

Range of products:
Burglary Resistance Products
Fire Resistance Products
High Security Locks

secure cabinets (EN 14450)
Name of product (specification)Height
P8 RIGA (S1) 1720 275300 84
RIGA 0 (S1) 215 275300 10,5
RIGA 1 (S1) 330 450330 26
RIGA 2 (S1) 530 500450 47
RIGA 3 (S1) 700 500450 58
TALLIN 10 (S1) 1500 650450 134
TALLIN 5 (S1) 1500 320330 73
TALLIN 7 (S1) 1500 440350 89
TALLIN 9 (S1) 1500 550380 107

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