dormakaba SAL GmbH

Companies and institutions throughout the world rely on dormakaba. They know and appreciate the quality and wide range of our products and solutions.

dormakaba has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of safe locks and components because, throughout our 150 years, we have married long experience in the field with the latest manufacturing technology and the most innovative of designs. The result has been the development of a range of products, all made in Germany, and un-equalled in quality, design and price. Entrust the care of your safety to us!

Your tailored safety package with guarantee!

dormakaba SAL GmbH
Siemensstr. 33
42551 Velbert

Tel.: +49 2051 9111 0
Type of member:
Manufacturer, Certificate holder

Range of products:
High Security Locks

high security locks (EN 1300)
Name of product (specification)Type
70091 / 70092 Variator A (A)KL StandardCh Deadbolt
71111 President A (A)KL Standard Deadbolt
73042 Tricontus A (A)KL Individual X-fachbolzen
74041 Centurio A (A)KL Individual Flatbolt
74046 Centurio A Plus (A)KL Individual Flatbolt
70040 Varos (B)KL StandardCh Deadbolt
70040/5 Varos (B)KL StandardCh Deadbolt
70076/77 Variator B (B)KL StandardCh Deadbolt
70079 Praetor B (B)KL Standard Deadbolt
82132 Combi B30 (B)ECL, KL StandardRS Deadbolt
82132 Combi B90 (B)ECL, KL StandardRS Deadbolt
70011 Primus C (C)KL Standard Deadbolt

CL Mechanical code lock
ECL Electronic code lock
EKL Electronic key lock
KL Mechanical key lock
ATS Picking protection
AV Automatic scrambling
Ch Changeable
EC Electronically Controlled
IP Network capable
IND Indirect Drive
RS Redundant system

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