Fichet Technologies
23, route de Schwobsheim
67600 Baldenheim

Tel.: +33 3 88 85 06 06
Fax: +33 3 88 85 37 76
Type of member:
Manufacturer, Certificate holder

Range of products:
High Security Locks

high security locks (EN 1300)
Name of product (specification)Type
GSL 1000 B (GSL 1031/1032/1033-B) (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
GSL 1000 B (GSL 1041/1042/1043-B) (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet-B - KelNet SU R-B (B)ECL StandardRS Deadbolt
KelNet-B - KelNet SU-B (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet@ B - KelNet @ SU R - B (B)ECL StandardIP, RS Deadbolt
KelNet@-B - KelNet@ SU-B (B)ECL StandardIP Deadbolt
NECTRA-AUDIT (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
NECTRA-BASIC (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
REL AUDIT (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
REL BASIC (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
GSL 1000 C (GSL 1031/1032/1033-C) (C)ECL Standard Deadbolt
GSL 1000 C (GSL 1041/1042/1043-C) (C)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet-C - KelNet SU R-C (C)ECL StandardRS Deadbolt
KelNet-C - KelNet SU-C (C)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet@-C - KelNet@ SU R-C (C)ECL StandardIP, RS Deadbolt
KelNet@-C - KelNet@ SU-C (C)ECL StandardIP Deadbolt
KelNet-D - KelNet SU R-D (D)ECL StandardRS Deadbolt
KelNet-D - KelNet SU-D (D)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet@-D - KelNet@ SU R-D (D)ECL StandardIP, RS Deadbolt
KelNet@-D - KelNet@ SU-D (D)ECL StandardIP Deadbolt

CL Mechanical code lock
ECL Electronic code lock
EKL Electronic key lock
KL Mechanical key lock
ATS Picking protection
AV Automatic scrambling
Ch Changeable
EC Electronically Controlled
IP Network capable
IND Indirect Drive
RS Redundant system

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